Win one of 10 NSW Knitters Guild Magazine with the new FibreFest Shawl pattern!

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Can I ask you a favour?

Have you recently purchased yarn, a knit kit or needles or crochet hooks from us? If yes, could please leave a review of your purchase on our website?

As you would appreciate, buying online is a tricky business, as you can't touch the product you are buying and you may not know if the people you are dealing with are genuine, and so it can be quite important to hear the opinions and recommendations of others to help in your decision making.

So I would really appreciate if you could leave a review of a product you bought on our website.

Leaving a review is easy: Go back to the product page of the product you purchased, and find the product review box at the bottom of the page. Click on "Write a review" and add your review to the product.

Add a review to I Wool Knit

The first 10 reviewers will receive a free Knitters Guild Magazine which includes the 2018 FibreFest Shawl pattern with their next order! Conditions apply.

UPDATE: All Knitters Guild Magazines are now gone. Thank to you all our customers who sent in a review!

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