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Sock knitting with Flotte Socke Kolibri - I Wool Knit
I have been busy knitting socks with Flotte Socke Kolibri yarn - a beautiful 3-4 ply yarn that knits up quickly even on 2.5mm needles. The colour I am using is 'Rainbow' - but there are also other colours available, such as orange-mustard-lilac and blue-lilac

Knitting socks is the perfect project for the school holidays when you may travel a bit here and there and can't always take a major knitting project with you.

But a ball of Flotte Socke and a set of double pointed knitting needles fit nicely into any handbag and can be pulled out whenever there is an idle moment.

I am impressed with the colour run of this yarn and how the different colours gradually blend in to each other.

This is a perfect yarn for gloves or lace-knitting, too. I can just imagine having a set of socks and gloves and maybe even a hat all from the same yarn!

Knitting yarns for everyday socks are usually a blend of 75 per cent super wash wool and 25 per cent polyamide. The super wash wool ensures that the socks can be washed in the washing machine, the polyamide strengthens the yarn - your socks will last much longer with the polyamide than without. However, there are alternatives for those who prefer to go completely natural:

Wollmeise sock yarns come in both Twin (80% superwash merino, 20% nylon) and Pure (100% superwash Merino) versions. Pascuali Forest is a sock yarn where the nylon is replace by bamboo and cotton (70% merino superwash, 15% bamboo (viscose), 15% cotton). Both are beautiful yarns and are worthy of your sock knitting efforts!

Prefer chunky socks that are super comfy for a cold winter's night? Double a 4ply yarn or choose a classic 8ply and check out a beautiful and free pattern for chunky toe-up bed socks from the NSW Knitters' Guild website.

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