Fyberspates Stolen Stitches Nua

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New addition: We now stock the full range of Fyberspates. Stolen Stitches Nua.

This fantastic 5ply yarn was created by renowned Irish designer Carol Feller and is produced by Fyberspates. Stolen Stitches Nua is a beautiful blend of Merino, yak wool and linen.

Fyberspates Stolen Stitches Nua

Merino makes this yarn very soft and gives it a squishy feel. Yak adds a luxurious feel and linen gives it strength and durability. 

Fyberspates. Stolen Stitches Nua is available in 50g hanks.

Head over to ravelry.com to discover the stunning patterns designed by Carol Feller for this yarn, including the amazing Birman shawl (pattern available from Ravelry).

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