Why knitting is such a positive and beneficial hobby

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It is not great surprise that knitting continues to be so popular! Just consider the many benefits you get from knitting:

  • Knitting is a great for stress relief: Research has confirmed that knitting helps reduce stress and anxiety and is often described as a form of meditative practice: working your needles in a repetitive motion helps clear your mind and focus on the present moment.
  • Knitting is such a wonderful outlet for creativity and expressing yourself! You can choose from a myriad of knitting patterns and knitting styles, and as you get more experienced, you can start creating your own. It's a wonderful, open-ended process of exploring and expressing your taste and your ideas!
  • Have you ever considered knitting as a way to find new friends? This is especially significant following the impact of the pandemic, where many people have reported a growing level of loneliness. Check out your local library, your local country women's association or the local branch of the Knitters Guild in your state and you will find groups of wonderful people with a similar interest.
  • Looking for a sense of accomplishment? Finish your current project and take pride in your achievement!
  • One big bonus of knitting over other hobbies is that you can take always take a knitting project with you. I tend to have some socks on my needles just for that purpose. 
  • I also love the fact that knitting is so multi-functional. I find it incredibly satisfying that you can create something that is not just beautiful but also useful and that the things you can make are so varied, from bags and blankets to beanies, jumpers, jackets and socks. And hand-made items also make a wonderful gift!

If you haven't picked up your needles in a while, get back into it. It is so rewarding!

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