Pascuali Suave: A vegan yarn with cashmere feel

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Vegan yarns are essentially yarns that are entirely free from animal fibres. Your choices range from the not so natural (acrylic fibres) to plant fibres such as cotton, linen, nettle, bamboo and other natural materials. Vegan yarns are also a great choice if you are sensitive or allergic to wool or Alpaca.

Of course you don't have to be a vegan to enjoy these beautiful yarns - they are perfect for anyone!

One yarn to try is Pascuali Suave. Pascuali Suave is a highly unusual cotton yarn. It is a single ply cotton yarn that looks and feels like cashmere (literally!). 

Pascuali Suave

If you iron something made with suave, the surface becomes smooth, light and cool.

If you brush it, it will fluff up again and feels wonderfully warm.

Pascuali Suave

Pascuali created Pascuali Suave with an unusual technique: Rather than spin and ply the cotton, very fine 14 micron cotton fibres are placed in a “cage” (made of cotton yarn) and steamed together. This creates its extreme lightness and soft touch. 

Pascuali Suave

You need approximately 200-250g of Pascuali Suave for a basic women's sweater size M. 

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