New: Irish Tweed with Merino and Mohair from Donegal, Ireland

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We have a new collection of utterly gorgeous Donegal Irish Tweed yarn in store.

Donegal Irish Tweed is a heavy 8ply yarn spun from 70% Merino and 30% Mohair. You need approximately 9 balls of Irish Tweed for an M-sized jumper.

I Wool Knit's Donegal yarns are spun by the authentic Donegal Yarns mill in Ireland. Tweed yarns were originally spun domestically in that part of Ireland and became a household name over a hundred years ago, when Donegal Tweed became widely used in woven fabrics and knitwear. It is a beautiful yarns with a great tradition.

Need to know: Donegal Irish Tweed is produced on a cone before it is wound into balls. The cone is soaked with wax during production. You need to wash your knitted item with a good amount of wool soap to appreciate the true quality and beauty of this yarn. Hand wash only. 

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