Delays in addi needle production - get yours now!

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Our customers love addi needles - and so do we!

We are proud to stock the addi sockwonder and addi CraSyTrio needles, both of which have proven to be very popular with many of our customers. 

The quality of addi needles is superb, which is thanks to the fact that these needles are lovingly manufactured by a family-owned company in Germany which values quality over mass production.

We have been trying to order more addi needles in but you may have to wait a bit longer before we have all sizes back in stock.

addi has been experiencing a large upswing in orders and their suppliers of raw materials have not been able to keep up with the demand.

In addition, the current flu epidemic that is sweeping northern Germany has meant that a number of addi staff are not able to work, adding to the delays.

addi  have ordered new machinery to speed up production processes. These are expected to be available later in 2018.

addi workers are now putting in overtime to fulfil the demand but delivery delays are expected to continue for a while yet. 

So if you are interested in buying addi needles, I recommend to get them while we still have some stock, as waiting times may be longer than expected.  

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