Get them now before they are sold out: Prym Ergonomics Circular Needles

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We now have Prym Ergonomics Needles back in stock!

These unusual needles have been in huge demand and stocks sell out faster than we can get them back in. 

Prym Ergonomics Circular Knitting Needles are super-light.

The needle tips are made from high quality synthetic material. The triangle shape of the shaft allows the stitches to move freely over the needle. This is superior to traditional round shafts. The tips have a rounded end which makes it much easier to pick up your yarn and to secure it - your stitches are less likely to drop accidentally. 

The steel cord has been carefully engineered to prevent spiralling, tangling or twisting. 

We currently stock both Ergonomics Circular Needles and Ergonomics Crochet Hooks.

Made in Germany.


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