List of knitting abbreviations

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Knitting patterns usually have a list of abbreviations at the beginning, but sometimes they are omitted.

Here is a list of some of common knitting abbreviations that you may find in knitting patterns:

RS = right side,

WS = wrong side,

st/s = stitch/es,

CO = cast on,

BO = bind off (also known as "cast off")

inc = increase,

dec = decrease,

R = row

Rd = round

k = knit,

p= purl,

sl = slip

sl1 = slip one

k2tog = knit 2 together,

p2tog = purl 2 together,

psso = pass slipped stitch over,

ssk = slip, slip, knit,

YO = yarn over,

M1 = make one stitch,

M1L = make one left,

k1tbl = knit 1 stitch through back loop

p1tbl = purl one stitch through back loo

Brioche stitches:

sl1yo = slip one, yarn over (this counts as 1 stitch),
brk = brioche knit (=knit the slipped stitch and the yarn over from previous row together as one stitch),
brp = brioche purl (= purl the stitch and yarn over from previous together as one stitch)

Stocking stitch in the flat: In RS rows, knit all stitches. In WS row, purl all stitches.

Stocking stitch in the round: Knit all stitches in every round.

Reverse stocking stitch = the purl side of stocking stitch, i.e in RS rows, purl all stitches, in WS rows knit all stitches.

Garter stitch in the flat: Knit all stitches in every row.

Garter stitch in the round: alternate one round of purl stitch and one round of knit stitch.

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