How to use Rellana Regenbogen Bag Recycled

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You may have seen our new Rellana Regenbogen Bag Recycled yarn that looks so pretty in the way the yarn is presented in a plait. It's a bulky (12 ply) recycled cotton yarn that is just perfect for bags, rugs, baskets etc. But how do you unwind it to work with it?

There are two ways to do it.

Rellana Regenbogen Bag Recycled comes as one long braided rope. Each colour is secured individually with short length of auxiliary yarn so it won't just unravel as soon as you open the plait. If you want to start with the lighter colour (at the top), carefully unwind the first colour and wind into a ball. Leave the rest in the plait. Work the first colour, then move on to the next.

If you want to start with the darker colour, you need to carefully wind up the whole plait into a ball. Again, start with the first colour of Rellana Regenbogen Bag Recycled, wind it into a ball, then undo the auxiliary yarn for the next colour, continue winding your ball etc.

It may become clearer once you watch the video below (in German - but the video really speaks for itself): 

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