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Have ever wondered how yarn is spun and how Donegal Tweed gets its special flecks?

Donegal Tweed yarn is milled and spun in Kilar, County Donegal, in Ireland. 

And I am really pleased to be able to share this video with you which takes you through the whole milling, dyeing and spinning process for this beautiful yarn. 

I think you will recognise some of the shades in Donegal Tweed we have in our shop!

Donegal Tweed is a gorgeous yarn that is worth your time and effort. Just remember that the yarn will still have some wax residue from the spinning process, which also protects the yarn during knitting and crocheting. 

Once you have finished your item, give it a gentle bath in quality wool wash, and it will transform into a much softer and loftier yarn. 

Now you have seen how the yarn is spun, are you also curious what Kilar looks like and would you like to meet some of the locals? If the answer is yes, then I think you will enjoy the following video about Kilcar's Wild Atlantic Way as well!

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