Prym Ergonomic Needles Update

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Prym Ergonomic Knitting Needles have proven to be extremely popular with our customers. The are delightful to work with, incredibly light yet with a strong cable that is less prone to kinking than traditional nylon cords.

We have had many requests for Prym Ergonomics in sizes smaller than 4.5mm and have had those sizes on back order for a long time. We have now been informed by our supplier that Prym is currently not offering any size smaller than 4.5mm at all due to technical difficulties with the production of these needles in smaller sizes. 

We apologise to all our customers who had put their names on the waiting list to receive these needles in smaller sizes!

We will continue to stock Prym Ergonomics Knitting Needles in sizes 4.5mm and up. 

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