Single skein projects for Wollmeise Yarns - The Hitchhiker Shawl

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Every customer who comes into my shop is invariably drawn to the shelf with Wollmeise yarns. The colours are just utterly irresistible! And the yarn is so beautiful!

It is not a cheap yarn by any stretch, but you don't actually need much to make some amazing creations making the most of the yarn.

So let's look at some projects that require only a single skein of Wollmeise yarn.

First up - the famous Hitchhiker shawl by Martina Behm.

You use one skein (150g) of Wollmeise Pure or Wollmeise Twin and knit a longish, slightly asymmetrically shaped triangular shawl in garter stitch. It is a great shawl that you can wrap around your neck a couple of times and, if you wish, you can even make a knot with the ends.

Wollmeise Pure - I Wool Knit

The patterns is very cleverly thought out. It is an easy pattern (suitable for a beginner knitter!) with an interesting twist, as one of the sides of the triangle features a zig-zag border that evolves naturally during the knitting and gives the shawl its unusual shape.

The Hitchhiker shawl catapulted Martina Behm to pattern design fame and is one of Ravelry's most popular projects with over 31,000 downloads and over 9000 ratings.

And why Hitchhiker? If you use a single 150g skein Wollmeise Pure or Wollmeise Twin, you will end up with exactly 42 teeth along the zig-zag edge. And "42" is, according to Douglas Adams' book "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", "the answer to the question about the universe and everything".

There you have it. I reckon now it's time to make the shawl, wear it and re-read Douglas Adams!

You can get the Wollmeise yarn from us. The pattern for the Hitchhiker shawl is available from Martina Behm as a Ravelry download.

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