New Payment Options: AfterPay and ZipPay

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We have added two popular new payment options to our store, AfterPay and ZipPay.

AfterPay and ZipPay offer different ways to buy now but pay later. 

Both methods allow you to make your purchase and then pay it off over time.

Afterpay splits your payments over four equal instalments which you pay every fortnight. You need to nominate a card you want to use and automatic payments are scheduled for you. The AfterPay website has more information on how this works and how to set up an account, which is very quick and easy to do. 

ZipPay is like a digital wallet. It is easy to set up, gives you immediate access to up to $1,000 for purchases. You can set your own repayment schedule. For more information go to

Of course we continue to offer all other payment options as well, including PayPal Express, ApplePay, VISA, Mastercard and American Express.

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