New: KnitPro Interchangeable Needle Set

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Now available: KnitPro needle set in natural wood.
The Set includes:

  • Zip-up pouch with pockets for cables and needle tips,
  • 8 sets of needle tips: 4 / 4,5 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 /10 mm,
  • 4 cables of 60mm / 80mm / 100mm / 120mm length,
  • 8 end plastic caps,
  • 4 tightening allen keys.

Once you have worked with KnitPro needles, you will never want to work with cheap needles again. You will find that even when working with challenging yarns, the KnitPros will do the job where lower end plastic and metal needles have difficulties. 

The beauty of an interchangeable needle set is that it is easy to change the length of the cable, switch between different needle sizes or even using different sized tips on each end of the cable if the pattern calls for changing needles sizes between right and wrong side rows. The set also comes with end caps which allows you to use the cables as stitch holders (the caps will keep your stitches secure on the cable). The cables are of superior quality compared to anything else on the market - flexible, thin and with almost no memory.

The wooden surface of the needle tips is super-smooth and a pleasure to work with. And they look gorgeous, too!

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