Made by you: Cardigan with Rellana Diamant

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Faye sent us this beautiful photo of her latest work - a cardigan made with Rellana Diamant

Faye said the cardigan is beautiful to wear and easy to care for - machine washable!

Thank you so much for sharing, Faye!

Cardigan with Rellana Diamant - I Wool Knit

Pro Tip:

Rellana Diamant yarn is a cotton yarn blended with viscose. Viscose is a natural material made from woody fibres such as bamboo, sugar cane or soy. Viscose yarns were 'invented' in the late 1800s as artificial silk. They look beautiful but depending on how they were manufactured, these yarns can be prone to splitting. Use sharp needles for Rellana Diamant as this will prevent excessive splitting. 

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