Learn the basics of Tunisian crochet

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Tunisian crochet  is clearly gaining interest in Australia at the moment. 

If you have never done any Tunisian crochet, you should give it a try! It is an interesting technique that is a blend of knitting and crochet. The result is a unique fabric that is delightfully dense and squishy. It is a great stitch for bags or rugs or really anything where you want a stronger structure than your standard knit. And it is fun to learn!

There are many youtube channels out there that will teach you this fabulous technique. One of my personal favourites is TL Yarn crafts (Disclaimer: I do not know her personally nor do I have any connection to her channel - I just think she does a great job explaining things!). 

If you decide to give it a go, include a Tunisian crochet hook in your next order! You can choose between a straight hook or an interchangeable KnitPro hook (you will need both the hook and the cord for the KnitPro set to work). Both are available in our needle section

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