How to use Rellana Regenbogen yarn cakes

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I have had a few customers ask me about how to use Rellana Regenbogen yarn cakes. These yarn cakes are hand-wound using a 4-stranded yarn. That means that instead of having a plied yarn, you are actually working with 4 very fine strands at the same time.

This allows for a very gradual and beautiful colour change: At certain intervals ONE of the strands has the next colour added on by hand with a small knot. As a result, the colour changes very slowly one strand at a time!

You can simply work over these knots - they are part of the way this yarn is produced and the yarn will not come undone. The knots are very small - keep them on the wrong side of your work and they become virtually invisible in the finished project. 

Have a look at our blog entry on "Working with Rellana Regenbogen yarn" to see what Rellana Regenbogen looks like when it is knitted up.

We stock a number of knit kits with patterns for this yarn, but I would also like to recommend two youtube videos for you which show how to work with 4 strands of yarn and what you can make with Rellana Regenbogen.

The videos are unfortunately only available in German, but I think just watching them will give you a pretty good idea.

The first video is for a crochet shawl very similar to the one we sell on our website:

The second video is for a granny shrug known as 'Seelenwärmer' (soul warmer) - It's basically made from a giant granny square. There are a few patterns available for this shrug, including on Ravelry, but you can also create your own. The basic Seelenwärmer pattern is essentially a rectangular that you fold over lengthwise and sew together on the side (shown at 17:23min in the video below) to create the sleeves.

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