For crochet fans: New Bulky Recycled Cotton Yarn

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Look what arrived in our shop this morning! This bulky crochet yarn is made from recycled cotton and is just perfect for bags, rugs, mats and anything else that requires a thicker, stronger yarn.

Rellana Regenbogen Bag Recycled is made from old clothing which is collected, sorted according to colours and cut into small pieces. It is then worked into this beautiful, environmentally friendly crochet yarn. The yarn is spliced (no knots at transition points!) and wound by hand. It is available as attractive braided skein - this would make the perfect present for a crochet enthusiast!

One braided skein of Regenbogen Bag Recycled is enough for a bag, two will make a tote. Ideal for shopping or as fashionable accessory, your Regenbogen Bag matches any occasion. 

And the colours are just amazing - I feel like getting straight stuck into a new project.

Environmentally friendly and vegan - check it out on our website!

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