100% natural sock yarns? - Yes!

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Classic sock yarns contain 25% nylon to give them strength and durability. Classic sock yarns such as our Rellana Flotte Socke range have withstood the test of time, but if you would prefer to go all natural, there are other options for you.

An alternative to classic sock yarns are yarns blends such as Pascuali Forest which are designed to mimic the durability of sock yarn through the use of other natural fibres such as cotton or viscose in addition to wool.

Pascuali Forest - 100% natural sock yarn - I Wool Knit

Sometimes, people mistake viscose as an acrylic fibre, but it is actually a manufactured natural fibre made from woody material such as wood pulp (often used in European yarns), bamboo (mainly grown in China), rose wood and other cellulosic fibres. Viscose tends to be very soft on the skin and provide a subtle sheen akin to silk. 

We now stock Pascuali Forest as a 100% natural alternative to classic 4ply sock yarn. It is made with  70% merino superwash, 15% bamboo and 15% cotton. It is an incredibly soft and beautiful yarn. The addition of bamboo and cotton makes it both more hardwearing and more breathable than a pure wool yarn.

Pascuali Forest is luxurious to wear as socks. It is equally well suited to use for making scarves, hats or even jumpers.

Have a look - one 100g skein of Pascuali Forest is enough for a pair of socks. Pascuali Forest is available in a gorgeous colour range, from pastel red and pistachio green to light blue. Or make a lovely jumper from this yarn - you only need about 350-400g of Pascuali Forest for a medium sized jumper. That's only 3-4 skeins!

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