Cost of shipping to United States & Canada

Want your order shipped to the US or Canada? Please contact us BEFORE you put your order in so we can send you an invoice including shipping cost. We will not accept orders with 'local pickup' if the order comes from outside our local area.

Shipping costs to the US are based on Australia Post shipping fees.

Maximum weight (including packaging) is 2kg.

All prices, including shipping fees are in AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS.

Costs are based both on weight AND volume. Given that yarn can be both light and voluminous, weight alone may not provide correct shipping cost.

Charges below are based on Australia Post fees and are indicative of expected shipping cost (*current as of August 2021 and subject to change):

Small satchel
22 x 35.3cm
Up to 500g

Medium satchel
26.5 x 38cm
Up to 1kg

Large satchel
31 x 40.5cm
Up to 2kg