Possum yarns

Yarns blends made with NZ brushtail possum fur. Possum fur makes for a luxurious yarn that can easily compete with Merino and cashmere: It is 55% warmer than the same weight of merino and 35% warmer than cashmere.

The possum fur used in Zealana yarns comes from a certified New Zealand pest.

The brushtail possum was brought to New Zealand in the early 1800s. Being without any predator, possums soon became New Zealand's most destructive pest. Possums destroy New Zealands native forests and affect native fauna, as they attack native birds.

A lot of work has already gone into reducing the population of  brushtail possums in New Zealand, but possum numbers are still in the millions.

Possum fur is a by-product of New Zealand conservation efforts.

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